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Alibag To Kalyan Cab Services :

HS Tours And Travels is one of the best Alibag to Kalyan cab service providers. You can available our services at reasonable rates with complete security. We offer Cab services for One-Way, Pickup and drop, Door to Door Cab Services, Round trips, outstations, Intercity, Day Rental Packages, Return Trips, Local transfers, and airport transfers, This will be the best service within the town with the cheapest car rental services. Alibag to Kalyan one-way cab service has become popular in recent times. Alibag to Kalyan will be the most comfortable cab service as we provide a dedicated cab for you.

Alibag to Kalyan cab offers various options in-cab type for you while traveling from Alibag to Kalyan such as Hatchback (Celerio, WagonR, Ritz or similar), Sedan (Hyundai Xcent, Swift Dzire, Toyota Etios or similar), Luv (Ertiga, Enjoy, Mobilio or similar), Suv (Innova, Marazzo, Xylo or similar), Muv (Innova Crysta, Tata Hexa or similar) & even if any Luxury Car For Rent from Alibag to Kalyan. Our rates are affordable for our customers with high-quality services. HS Tours And Travels provides the best service in town and also helps you to get around the town even if the time is less or you are not well versed with the route or place where you want to go.

Alibag To Kalyan Taxi/Cab Fare :

Pickup Location Drop Location Cab Type Fare All Incl.
Alibag Kalyan WagonR, Celerio, or similar 3200/-
Alibag Kalyan Xcent, Dzire, Etios, or similar 3500/-
Alibag Kalyan Ertiga, Mobilio, or similar 4000/-
Alibag Kalyan Innova, Marazzo, or similar On Call – 9702479306

Book Affordable Alibag To Kalyan Cab Services : 

While you choose our Alibag to Kalyan cab services, we ensure that it is the best route between the cities, Alibag- Kalyan Highway is among the most popular routes within India.

Alibag To Kalyan Taxi Services :

If you are looking for a hassle-free get from Alibag to Kalyan, look no further than our cab services. HS Tours And Travels offers convenient, safe, and reliable transportation from Alibag to Kalyan that is sure to fit into your budget. Our cab services are specially designed for those who are looking to make the trip from Alibag to Kalyan but don’t want the headache of figuring out public transport or dealing with long waits for taxis or buses. Our comfortable cars and friendly drivers provide the perfect solution for travelers wanting a stress-free journey.

Book Taxi Services from Alibag To Kalyan :

The first thing to consider when planning a trip from Alibag to Kalyan is which company has the lowest rates. There are many taxi services available from Alibag to Kalyan. Once you’ve found a reputable company, book your reservation, and pay in advance to ensure a smooth ride.

Best Images Of Alibag To Kalyan :

Alibag To Kalyan Cab Services

Alibag To Kalyan Onside/One-way Cab Services :

HS Tours And Travels also provides a hassle-free onside/one-way cab service from Alibag to Kalyan. HS Tours and Travels. Such services typically involve a comfortable and well-maintained cab with a professional driver who is familiar with the route and can ensure a safe and timely journey. It’s important to check the availability, pricing, and booking procedures of the service provider beforehand to ensure a smooth and comfortable experience.

Alibag To Kalyan Distance & Time :

If you travel from Alibag to Kalyan via the Kalyan highway route then the total distance is 124 and the time taken is 3 hours 16 minutes (approx). On this route, you have to pay a nominal toll tax.

HS Tours And Travels In Kurla West, Mumbai :

HS Tours And Travels in Mumbai is one of the leading businesses in Car Rental. Also known for Car Rental Services, Cab Services, Taxi Services, Car Rental For Intercity, Car Rental For Outstation, Nearby Cab Services, Nearby Taxi Services, Nearby travel services, Taxi Services For Intercity, Travel Agents, and much more. Find the Address, Contact Number, Reviews and ratings, Photos, and Maps of HS Tours And Travels.

Having a car to move from one place to another can be very beneficial and comfortable, especially during long trips. Even if you have a car, it might occasionally malfunction. These circumstances make it necessary to have a car. But what do you do, when you do not have a car? This is exactly when Taxi Services in Mumbai comes in handy.

You can commute or travel as you wish or plan by using Taxi Services, which offers you a vehicle for the day or some hours. This is particularly helpful if you need to rent a car for a trip or a business meeting. If you are looking to rent a car at affordable rates, you should get in touch with HS Tours And Travels in Kurla West, Mumbai.

Products And Services Offered :

HS Tours And Travels operates from Kurla West, Mumbai, and provides cab services to and from all corners of India and has a wide range of products and/or services to cater to the varied requirements of its customers. The staff at this establishment are courteous and prompt in providing any assistance. They readily answer any queries or questions that you may have. Pay for the product or services with ease by using any of the available modes of payment, such as Cash, Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm, UPI &  Account Transfer. This establishment is functional from 00:00 – 23:59.

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All Over India Cabs Service Provider

+91 97024 79306
+91 98382 61566

Safe and Secure Ride :

When you are planning Alibag to Kalyan, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your ride is safe and secure. so, HS Tours And Travels are the best cab companies in the business, who are committed to providing their customers with a safe and secure ride.

Time Punctual :

Punctuality is the most important aspect of any cab service. That’s why Alibag to Kalyan Cab Services always strives to be punctual.

Cab booking online :

Cab booking online is now available for Alibag To Kalyan Cab Services. This makes it easier and faster for customers to book their cabs. There are many benefits of booking online, such as:

  • You can compare prices easily.
  • You can see reviews from other customers.
  • You can choose your preferred payment method.
  • You can book your cab in advance.

We Build Relations :

We don’t believe in making customers, Instead, we believe in building healthy and long-term relations with all the guests traveling with us.

Food & Accommodation :

When you book a cab from Alibag to Kalyan in HS Tours And Travels, We make sure to stop at the popular eating places. Our priority is to make you feel comfortable & a journey to remember.

Why Choose Us for Alibag To Kalyan Cab?

HS Tours And Travels have had confidence in our basic beliefs of dependability, kindness, and straightforwardness. We endeavor to give a heavenly encounter to everyone for Alibag to Kalyan vehicle rental rates. HS Tours And Travels maintains your safety and sanitizes the cab after each and every ride, As we think about your well-being on your outing which is our humble duty. We take additional consideration that our drivers are vaccinated with both doses of vaccine. We follow the safety norms as per the government directives and according to the rules under WHO.

In the world of travel and transportation, finding a reliable and transparent service provider can make all the difference. HS Tours And Travels stands out as a beacon of trustworthiness and simplicity compared to other companies in the industry. Let’s delve into the key distinctions that set HS Tours And Travels apart from the rest.

Transparent Pricing:


Other Company Charges:

🚫 Extra km charges pay

🚫 Extra waiting charges pay

🚫 Extra night pickup charges pay

🚫 Extra night drop charges pay


HS Tours And Travels:

🚫 Not Pay Here

🚫 Not Pay Here

🚫 Not Pay Here

🚫 Not Pay Here

One of the most frustrating aspects of booking transportation is hidden charges. With many other companies, you might find yourself blindsided by additional fees for extra kilometers, waiting times, or even late-night pickups or drop-offs. HS Tours And Travels, on the other hand, believes in complete transparency. When you book with us, what you see is what you get. No surprises, no extra payments.

Professionalism and Punctuality:

Time is of the essence when it comes to travel. Whether it’s a crucial business meeting or a special family event, punctuality matters. Other companies may sometimes fall short in this aspect, leading to unnecessary stress and delays. At HS Tours And Travels, we understand the importance of being on time. Our drivers are not just skilled at the wheel; they are committed to getting you to your destination promptly and safely.

Comfort and Safety:

Your comfort and safety are our top priorities. While other companies might provide standard service, HS Tours And Travels goes the extra mile to ensure a premium experience. Our vehicles are maintained to the highest standards, offering a clean and comfortable environment for your journey. Additionally, all our drivers are rigorously trained and licensed, giving you peace of mind knowing you’re in capable hands.

Ease of Booking:

Booking with some companies can sometimes feel like navigating a maze of confusing options and hidden fees. HS Tours And Travels believes that booking a ride should be a straightforward and stress-free process. Our user-friendly website makes it easy to select your destination, choose your vehicle, and confirm your booking. No need to worry about deciphering complex pricing structures or dealing with unexpected charges.

Tips For Booking:

Choosing HS Tours And Travels means choosing a travel experience free from hidden fees, delays, and discomfort. Our commitment to transparency, professionalism, and customer satisfaction sets us apart from the competition. Experience the difference for yourself – book with HS Tours And Travels today and embark on a journey of convenience and peace of mind.

COVID-19 :

It is good to hear that your HS Tours And Travels cab service is taking steps to protect passengers from the spread of COVID-19 by sanitizing vehicles and following other guidelines.

  • These guidelines may include measures such as requiring face masks for drivers and passengers.
  • Also increasing cleaning and disinfection of vehicles.
  • Implementing social distancing measures.

24/7 Service :

We offer 24/7 customer support so you can book a cab at any time of Day or Night, And for any grievances, we are ready and available.

Well-Maintained :

We provide good service and good cabs to our customers. You can be sure that you will have a comfortable and enjoyable journey when you use our cab services.

Expert Drivers :

Our drivers have many years of experience in driving, our drivers are well-versed in the city’s traffic conditions and know the best routes and take you to your desired destination safely and on time. HS Tours And Travels drivers are also knowledgeable about the local area.

Day Rental packages :

We offer hourly packages for cab services in various cities of India. One can explore the city, visit corporate clients, and go shopping. Our rates are very reasonable, and HS Tours And Travels ensure that our customers have a comfortable journey.

Vacation Planning :

When you are planning for your vacation be sure to use none other than HS Tours And Travels as our staff is well-experienced to guide you to choose your destination and wide range of vehicles.

Airport Travel :

Our airport transfer service is available 24/7 and we can pick you up from any airport in India. HS Tours And Travels also offers a wide range of other cab services such as outstation cabs, local cabs, and corporate cabs.

Wedding Car :

Book a Taxi instantly over the phone with HS Tours And Travels

City To City :

Travel from city to city with comfortable, safe HS Tours And Travels

You can book your cabs online, via WhatsApp and call us : +91 97024 79306 / +91 98382 61566.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

01- Can I book a One-Way Taxi From Alibag To Kalyan Through HS Tours And Travels?

Yes, you can book a one-way taxi from Alibag to Kalyan through HS Tours And Travels.

02- Which is the Best taxi service from Alibag To Kalyan?

HS Tours And Travels are among the best taxi services from Alibag to Kalyan in your town.

03- Can I book an Air Conditioner (AC) taxi from Alibag To Kalyan?

Yes, you can book an Air Conditioner (AC) taxi from Alibag to Kalyan.

04- What are the different types of taxis available from Alibag To Kalyan?

HS Tours And Travels has a wide range of taxis such as Hatchback Cars (Etios Liva, Wagon R, Celerio, or Similar), Sedan Cars (Toyota Etios, Swift Dzire, Hyundai Xcent or Similar), Luv Cars (Ertiga, Enjoy, Mobilio or Similar), Suv Cars (Innova, Marazzo, Xylo or Similar) and Muv Cars (Innova Crysta, Innova Hycross, Tata Hexa or similar).

05- What is Alibag To Kalyan’s lowest Taxi fare?

You can call us or DM us on WhatsApp to get the possible rate for one way from Alibag to Kalyan Cab. You can also book Alibag to Kalyan for an outstation trip.

06- How much does a Muvs cab cost from Alibag To Kalyan?

HS Tours And Travels provide Muv Cabs (Innova Crysta, Tata Hexa, or similar) for Rs. 22/Km Minimum Average of 300 Kms Per Day + Driver Allowance of Rs 400 Per Day + Toll Tax + Parking (if Applicable) 6 Passenger/4 Bags.

07- How much does a Suvs cab cost from Alibag To Kalyan?

HS Tours And Travels provide Suv Cabs (Innova, Marazzo, Xylo, or similar) for Rs. 18/Km Minimum Average of 300 Kms Per Day + Driver Allowance of Rs 400 Per Day + Toll Tax + Parking (if Applicable) 6 Passenger/4 Bags.

08- How much does Luv’s cab cost from Alibag To Kalyan?

HS Tours And Travels provide Luv Cabs (Ertiga, Enjoy, Mobilio, or similar) for Rs. 16/Km Minimum Average of 300 Kms Per Day + Driver Allowance of Rs 400 Per Day + Toll Tax + Parking (if Applicable) 6 Passenger/4 Bags.

09- How much does a Sedans cab cost from Alibag To Kalyan?

HS Tours And Travels provides Sedan Cabs (Hyundai Xcent, Swift Dzire, Toyota Etios, or similar) for Rs. 13/Km Minimum Average of 300 Kms Per Day + Driver Allowance of Rs 300 Per Day + Toll Tax + Parking (if Applicable) 4 Passenger/3 Bags.

10- How much does a Hatchback cab cost from Alibag To Kalyan?

HS Tours And Travels provide Hatchback Cabs (Celerio, WagonR, Ritz, or similar) for Rs. 12/Km Minimum Average of 300 Kms Per Day + Driver Allowance of Rs 300 Per Day + Toll Tax + Parking (if Applicable) 4 Passenger/2 Bags.

For more information about our services and the latest updates, please visit our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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