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A Journey from Aurangabad to Pune with HS Tours And Travels


The road from Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar, better known as Aurangabad, to Pune, is a fascinating journey that unfolds a tapestry of history, culture, and modernity. As you embark on this adventure, HS Tours And Travels promises a ride and an experience that lingers in your memories. In this blog, we’ll delve into the charm of travelling from Aurangabad to Pune with HS Tours And Travels and explore the top 10 places in Pune that make the city a true gem.

HS Tours And Travels: Your Gateway to Comfortable Travel

Before we dive into the beauty of Pune, let’s shine a light on HS Tours And Travels, the driving force behind your seamless journey. With a commitment to excellence, HS Tours And Travels stands out as a reliable and customer-focused travel partner. From well-maintained vehicles to professional drivers, the journey from Aurangabad to Pune becomes an enjoyable and stress-free experience.

The Route: Aurangabad to Pune

  • Aurangabad to Ahmednagar:
    • Begin your journey by heading towards Ahmednagar on the Ahmednagar-Aurangabad Road.
    • Enjoy the scenic landscapes as you cover approximately 115 kilometres in around 2.5 hours.
  • Ahmednagar to Pune:
    • Continue your drive from Ahmednagar to Pune on the Ahmednagar-Pune Highway.
    • The journey of approximately 120 kilometres takes around 3 hours, offering picturesque views along the way.
  • Pune Arrival:
    • As you enter Pune, HS Tours And Travels ensures a smooth drop-off at your desired location, marking the end of a delightful journey.

Outstation Cab Service in Pune

Top 10 Places To Visit in Pune

  • Shaniwar Wada:
      • Step into the historical heart of Pune with a visit to Shaniwar Wada, the iconic fort built in the 18th century.
      • Explore the intricate architecture, and lush gardens, and relive the tales of the Maratha empire.

Shaniwar Wada

  • Aga Khan Palace:
      • Immerse yourself in history at Aga Khan Palace, a monument that holds significance in the Indian independence movement.
      • The palace, with its serene surroundings, stands as a symbol of peace and freedom.
  • Sinhagad Fort:
    • For breathtaking views and a dose of adventure, embark on a journey to Sinhagad Fort.
    • The fort offers a glimpse into Pune’s military history and rewards visitors with panoramic views of the landscape.

Sinhagad Fort

  • Osho Ashram:
      • Find tranquillity at the Osho International Meditation Resort, a serene retreat amidst the bustling city.
      • Experience meditation and spiritual teachings in a peaceful environment.
  • Pataleshwar Cave Temple:
      • Delve into Pune’s rich cultural heritage at Pataleshwar Cave Temple, an ancient rock-cut cave temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.
      • Marvel at the architecture and soak in the spiritual atmosphere.
  • Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum:
      • Explore a diverse collection of artefacts at the Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum, showcasing the art and crafts of India.
      • The museum is a treasure trove of cultural heritage.
  • Koregaon Park:
      • Unwind at Koregaon Park, a vibrant and upscale neighbourhood known for its cafes, boutiques, and green spaces.
      • Experience the modern, cosmopolitan side of Pune in this lively area.
  • Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati Temple:
    • Seek blessings at the Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati Temple, a revered temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha.
    • The temple is a symbol of faith and devotion.

Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati Temple

  • Pashan Lake:
      • Escape the city hustle and enjoy nature at Pashan Lake, a serene spot for bird-watching and peaceful walks.
      • The lake offers a tranquil retreat amidst urban surroundings.
  • Lal Mahal:
    • Visit Lal Mahal, a historical monument with connections to the great Maratha ruler, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.
    • The red-bricked palace is a testament to Pune’s rich heritage

Lal Mahal

As you journey from Aurangabad to Pune Cab with HS Tours And Travels, you’re not just covering a distance; you’re navigating through the layers of Maharashtra’s history and culture. The top 10 places in Pune mentioned above are mere glimpses into the city’s vibrant tapestry. With HS Tours And Travels, your travel becomes an exploration, and Pune becomes more than a destination—it becomes an experience etched in your heart. Book your trip now and let the adventure begin.

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